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I am a Connecticut native, who has been performing wedding ceremonies for nearly ten years. I am certified as a Justice of the Peace, by the State of Connecticut. That certification allows me to perform marriages anywhere in the state.  I also perform renewal of vows ceremonies, for those who want to commemorate their years of marriage. 


I love my home state and I am active in my community. I appreciate the beauty and diversity of Connecticut and enjoy traveling to all parts of the state to bring couples together in marriage, and to celebrate anniversaries. I am happy to work with you to make your day special. 

As a member of the Justice of the Peace Association I adhere to the organization’s following Code of Ethics.


I resolve that I will adhere to the following standards of conduct:

- To execute the statutes of the State in which I am empowered, as promised when I took the oath of office

- To perform all tasks and responsibilities to the best of my ability

- To complete and submit all documentation accurately, on time and to the proper authorities

- To be honest with my clients and to act in their best interests

- To charge a fee for my services that reflects my expertise, effort, time and involvement in the preparation and performance of my duties and that is in compliance with state statute, if applicable

- To treat people of all backgrounds and identities fairly and with respect

- To always act in a manner that reflects favorably on myself, my office, and the Justice of the Peace Association

Acts of discrimination by omission or commission toward any individual or group based on their actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability constitute a violation of the Code of Ethics.

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